NOVBanshu Ikkon【Shippo】Origarami Nama

"Banshu-Ikkon 'Shippo' Junmai Nama Genshu" is an oragarami-style sake.
It is bottled and shipped immediately after the tank is opened.
As the days go by, gas fills the bottle enabling you to appreciate the extremely lively "bursting energy of a new brew of sake."
Please be careful not to shake the bottle or it could spurt out.
Due to the special nature of this product, it is produced by advanced orders only.

■The Shippo series...
The Shippo series features raw unprocessed sake that has been brewed using the "Hyogo Kitanishiki" rice cultivar.
This particular cultivar was chosen for the sake of this series as it is an essential rice cultivar
that is used most often for brewing the sake of "Banshu Ikkon,"
which exclusively uses sake rice cultivated in Hyogo Prefecture.
After the fire that happened on November 8th, 2018,
we used the "Shippo" (cloisonne) mark as a symbol of our bonds to express our immense gratitude to everyone
who had supported us, to be able to brew sake, as well as for the local community and nature.
This prompted us to launch our "Reiwa 1 BY" sake.
Our success today is attributable to the support of many sake retailers, restaurants, our business affiliates, and our fans.
We are bringing this sake to everyone affiliated with it with the hope that it will bring great joy to all of you.

■What is Shippo?
The Shippo (cloisonne) mark is a pattern featuring endless chains of interlocking circles.
It is an auspicious pattern that signifies one's wish for happiness, harmony, and good fortune.
It is also used to suggest that the value of human relationships
and connections is as infinitely great as the number of circles in the Shippo mark.

Product Name
Banshu Ikkon【Shippo】Oragarami Nama
Type of Rice Used
Hyogo KitaNishiki
Polished Rice Ratio