Sanyouhai Shuzo is a sake brewery in the mountains of Shiso, Hyogo Prefecture.
In 2018, we decided to promote our area’s attractions to the world.
After two years of research and development on procuring the raw materials, brewing, secondary fermentation, labels, etc., we released CIDRE RonRon in December 2020.
This is a sparkling alcoholic beverage made with apples grown in Hyogo Prefecture and brewed with our sake-brewing techniques developed over 180 years.

The Origin of RonRon

Secret of RonRon’s good taste.

Clear and pleasant aroma and taste produced by the toji master brewer.

The world has a wide variety of cidre flavors reflecting the producer’s ideas.
Since we are sake brewers, we aim to produce a cidre having a fresh aroma with no off-flavor. A transparent flavor that goes well with your meal.

Not too sweet. A flavor that goes well with food.

As with our “Banshu Ikkon” sake, Cidre RonRon is intended to always enhance your meals.
Perfect for any time. Before, during, or after a meal.
We want to offer this especially to people who think cidre is too sweet.

Kyokai No. 9 sake yeast used.

While many breweries use champagne yeast, wine yeast, and cidre yeast, we use sake yeast.
Kyokai No. 9 yeast results in a relatively strong fermentation and gives a refreshing aroma similar to a high-quality green apple.
By using a yeast we are well familiar with, we can easily figure out the right temperature to produce a good flavor.
It also expresses our identity as a Japanese sake brewer.

Perfect sparkling, and bubbly

By using the same in-bottle secondary fermentation method as champagne, the cidre is carbonated in the bottle.
Enjoy the fine, bubbly drink and the moderately strong carbonation.

Pure flavor made only with apples.

No sweeteners, or artificial flavors added.
Made only with apples,simple and pure cidre.


Alcoholic drink made with fermented apple juice.
The word “cidre” commonly used in Japan is French.
The name, production method, and culture differ depending on the country. For example in the United Kingdom and Ireland, it’s called “cidre,” while in America it’s “hard cidre.”


Hyogo Cidre RonRon Dry

Sparkling wine made with apples from Hyogo Prefecture is cidre.
Sake yeast is used.
The master brewer’s outstanding brewing skills produce the superb balance of sweetness, sourness, sharpness, and aftertaste.
Even people who had thought cidre as too sweet will want to drink more of our cidre. That’s how refreshing the taste is.
Besides being dry, it has a nice crisp taste while retaining the fruity and fresh flavor of apple juice. Enjoy it with your food.


Hyogo Cidre RonRon Semi Sweet

Sparkling wine made with apples from Hyogo Prefecture is cidre.
Sake yeast is used.
The master brewer’s outstanding brewing skills produce the superb balance of sweetness, sourness, sharpness, and aftertaste.
Sweet and fresh taste of biting into an apple.
Transparent and lovely flavor.
Perfect with meals. Also goes well with confections made with fresh cream or cheese.


Food perfect with RonRon

Cidre supposed to go well with spicy dishes that match apples, such as pork dishes, beef dishes, and curry.
It also goes very well with dishes using olive oil or herbs.
“RonRon Dry” goes well with dishes using olive oil like carpaccio, food using salt or herbs, and fine vegetables such as bagna cauda.
“Semi Sweet” goes well with well-seasoned dishes such as grilled pork ginger.
Also good with desserts made with cheese or fresh cream.

How to best serve Cidre RonRon

Before opening and serving, store in a refrigerator until it is cold enough. It should be 5℃ to 10℃.


・In a refrigerator or cool, dark place, store the bottle vertically.
・After opening, consume promptly.
・It can be consumed even after a few months. For prolonged storage, avoid sunlight and high temperatures.
・The color may change or precipitates may form due to the apple or yeast. This is not a problem and the quality is not affected.

Why we make RonRon

Desire to make a symbol of the city of Shiso.

The accident in November 2018 reminded us of the joy of making sake that we had taken for granted. It made us think about the significance of making sake in this area. It made us want to use local products to promote our local area.
After creating “Banshu Ikkon,” we want to create a “town symbol” as a main attraction.
We want to make it an experience that attracts visitors who will fondly remember it.

We want more people to know sake.

To have more people favor sake, we developed the cidre with low-alcohol and as a sparkling beverage.

To be a brewery always seeking new challenges.

Although we have been brewing sake for more than 180 years, we have gone back to the drawing board for making cidre.
Our trial-and-error experience to make cidre is having a positive effect on sake brewing and creating a virtuous cycle.
While the world’s cidre culture has a long history, Japan’s cidre market is still in a growth stage.
Along with “Banshu Ikkon,” hopefully RonRon will also become a regular “table cidre” in everyday life.

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