No time or effort is spared

Since our founding in 1837,
we have continued to make sake.


「Banshu-Ikkon」 derives its name from our hope that you will enjoy with great care the intrinsic quality of our local sake brewed with no effort spared and produced with the rice and water blessed by the bountiful nature of the Banshu region (located in Southwestern Hyogo Prefecture).

Hard Apple Cider crafted by the Chief Brewer

We produce sparkling hard cider using apples grown in Hyogo Prefecture.
Making use of the sake brewing techniques cultivated over 180 years, the cider prepared by our Chief Brewer has an invigorating scent and a seemingly translucent flavor.
Our sparkling hard apple cider aims to bridge the gap between ciders and sake with a flavor that pairs perfectly with meals.

The Banshu-Ikkon Store overflowing with History

In addition to「Banshu-Ikkon」 products and original goods, the Banshu-Ikkon Store located within the brewery also carries local specialty items from the city of Shiso, known for its fermentation.
As a 「Fermentation Specialty Shop」, the store promotes the charm of the local area.
At the bar counter, you can enjoy both paid and free tastings.