Year-roundBanshu Ikkon Junmaiginjo

This is a locally distributed classic Junmai Ginjo sake with a magnificent ginjoko (fragrance)
that is reminiscent of green apples and ripe pears.
Its smooth texture gives way to exciting umami notes once you have taken a sip.
This is a sake that you should always have ready in your chiller.
Because of its unique acidity, this sake goes well with dishes with powerful flavors and whose acidity stands out.
For instance, it is perfect with nanbanzuke (deep-fried fish/meat in a sweet and sour marinade),
sweet and sour pork, chili sauce, and salsa sauce.
Junmai Ginjo evolves in the presence of rice vinegar into a sake that will remind you of white wine.
When combined with balsamic vinegar, it will take on the flavors of a medium-bodied red wine.
Encountering its magical flavors is an experience that you will never forget.

Product Name
Banshu Ikkon Junmaiginjo
Type of Rice Used
Hyogo Kitanishiki
Polished Rice Ratio