For more than 180 years since our founding in 1837, we have been brewing sake in Shiso, a mountainous land located in the Harima region of Hyogo prefecture, with the desire “to deliver high-quality sake to everyone.”

We aim to create a sake with a flavor that only we can brew by taking advantage of the rich, natural climate and ingredients blessed by the pure, bountiful water of the Ibo river system.
The Harima region lies within Japan’s best grain-producing region for brewing rice, and is also home to the Special A District of Yamada Nishiki, well known as the King of Brewing Rice.
We are committed to working with farmers to produce the high-quality brewing rice of Hyogo Prefecture, such as Hyogo Yume Nishiki and Hyogo Kita Nishiki, so that as many customers as possible can learn about the magnificent resources of Hyogo and Shiso.

We humbly look forward to your continued patronage of our business and “Banshu-Ikkon”.

Sanyohai Shuzo Co., Ltd. 6th generation owner Koichiro Tsubosaka


Company Name
Sanyohai Shuzo Co., Ltd.
28 Yamasaki, Yamasaki-cho, Shiso-shi, Hyogo 671-2577
TEL:0790-62-1010 FAX:0790-62-6218
Koichiro Tsubosaka(6th generation owner)
Business details
Sake production / fruit liquor production
Main brand
Banshu Ikkon
Group companies
Sanyohai Shuhan Co., Ltd.