Year-roundBanshu Ikkon Junmai Extra Dry

Banshu-Ikkon Flagship "Extra Dry Series" is available in three types: Junmai, Junmai Ginjo and Junmai Daiginjo.
Among these, the first to appear was the one you might call the pure essence, "Junmai".

There are many sakes that call themselves dry, but the one we have most faith in at this brewery is the "Extra Dry", so full of umami.

While this sake's flavor is delicate, its aftertaste is refreshing without lingering in the mouth. It has a svelte, smart taste.

As a sake that goes well with food, it is beloved of many a table in a wide variety of restaurants,
such as sushi restaurants and all restaurants dealing with fish.

Product Name
Banshu Ikkon Junmai Extra Dry
Type of Rice Used
Hyogo KitaNishiki
Polished Rice Ratio