Brewery-Operated Banshu Ikkon Store

Our company-owned store, located next to our brewery, offers products such as our own Banshu Ikkon along with charming fermentation-related goods from around the Shiso area.
In addition to goods for purchase, there are also free sake samples, a Banshu Ikkon tasting bar for a fee, and a tearoom where guests can enjoy tea and cake.
The building, which is designated as an Significant Building for Landscape Formation by Hyogo Prefecture, is a reconstruction of the original main building that was built between the end of the Edo period and the Meiji period.
Guests are invited to relax and take in the over 180 years of our brewery’s history.

Products for Sale (Banshu Ikkon and Local Specialties)

Locally-distributed products as well as limited-distribution products such as Banshu Ikkon, Sanyohai, and sake lees are available for purchase. We also offer limited-edition sake pitchers (tokkuri), sake cups (ochoko), and apparel, including aprons and hoodies.

We also have a Fermentation Select Shop carrying various local specialties from around the city of Shiso, which is famed for its fermented products.

Browse a selection of goods created using fermentation, including Banshu indigo-dyed fabrics, pottery, tsukemono (Japanese-style pickles), miso, and sweets.
The town of Yamasaki, in which the shop is located, was once a castle town.
The area is famous for being the place where Toyotomi Hideyoshi first entrusted Kuroda Yoshitaka with governing a tract of land capable of producing over 900 tons of rice (10,000 koku), and it also served as a transportation hub during the era when rice and lumber were transported by flatboat.
Blessed with mountainous surroundings as well as good soil and water, this historic locale produces numerous appealing products.

Tasting Bar

A standing bar is provided in the center of the store space.
Anyone struggling to decide which sake to buy is invited to sample our selection free of charge.
We also offer tastings for a fee of 200 yen per glass.
Alongside their tasting, guests may enjoy locally-produced accompaniments such as pickled yams and Shiso-style cucumbers pickled in sake lees.


※ Currently closed in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic.
Guests can take a seat in our tearoom and enjoy Shisho black soybean tea, herbal teas, and Banshu Ikkon Daiginjo Cakes purchased in the products section.
The tearoom window looks out on a neighboring area where sake is made.
Guests may be able to witness the process firsthand depending on the time of day.

About the Building and Decorations

If you look up into the atrium immediately after entering the store, you can see a number of beams and columns salvaged from the original brewery (built in the late Edo and Meiji periods) after it burned down in 2018.

The table in the tearoom is made from a single piece of 250-year-old Japanese cypress sourced from Onzui here in Shiso City, Hyogo Prefecture.
The plaster work at the base of the walls in the tearoom and tasting bar uses plaster from the Awaji area and uses traditional methods from Awaji Island.
This technique provides a warm texture.
For more information, please feel free to ask our staff.

Store information

Opening hours
11:00 am~4:30 pm
Regular holiday
Year-end and New Year holidays
28 Yamasaki, Yamasaki-cho, Shiso-shi, Hyogo Sanyohai Shuzo
Yes. For several cars in front of the warehouse along Satsuki Dori (Sake Brewery Dori)
7 minutes walk from Himeji Station, Sannomiya Station, Harima Shingu Station after getting off at Yamazaki Bus Stop

Please check here for the latest information such as business hours.