Shiso limitedSan-Sho kimoto Junmai

Banshu Ikkon - Sake made with a unique "kimoto" fermentation starter.
This sake has an exceptional sweet and sour flavor.
It has the mellowness of a lactic acid fermented beverage and a tartness that lingers in the mouth.
It pairs well with nam pla fish sauce, spices, and herbs.
Try drinking it together with ethnic cuisines such as Thai and Vietnamese.
From cold to hot sake, we hope you will enjoy it at a range of temperatures.
This unique junmaishu has many hardcore fans.

Yamasaki town, part of Shiso city, where our sake brewery is located, is a castle town that once was home to many sake breweries.
Today, our company only has one remaining sake brewery.
The main street in front of our company is commonly known as "Sake Brewery Street",
and Oimatsu Brewery is still located diagonally opposite of us.
Furthermore, the Honkemonzenya Liquor Store, which closed its doors in 1977, used to be across the street.*
We have now revived the San-Sho brand that was brewed there and adapted it and the two existing breweries to a modern style.
In making Banshu Ikkon, we use the traditional technique of brewing with a "kimoto" fermentation starter,
which was commonly used during the Edo period (1603 - 1868).

* Today, the store is called San-Sho.
We renovated its brewery into a cafe & restaurant where our company's sake and merchandise is sold.

Product Name
San-Sho kimoto Junmai
Type of Rice Used
Hyogo YumeNishiki
Polished Rice Ratio