Banshu Ikkon Daiginjo Fukuroshibori Tobintori

One of the greatest sakes of Banshu Ikkon. It has a sharp bite, and refine flavor.
We took time and care, used all of the skills, knowledge, and labor we have access to in the cretion of this product.
It is perfect for special occasions and as gifts.

We utilize a special Tobindori bag press method after carefully fermenting the sake.
Most sake, including ours, is usually pressed slowly over time with a machine.
For this sake, we put the mash in a small bag and hang it in a tank,
where gravity draws it out drop by drop to be gathered instead of forcing it out with pressure.
To shorten the time the sake is exposed to the air, the sake gathered in the tank is added directly to the Tobin (the bottle).

The resulting Daiginjo has a clean, refreshing flavor achievable only by processes that place little stress on the product.
It is gentle on the palette and throat, and feels like it melts and disappears the moment you drink it.

Product Name
Banshu Ikkon Daiginjo Fukuroshibori Tobintori
Type of Rice Used
Produced in Special A District・Banshu Yokawa, Yamada Nishiki
Polished Rice Ratio