(JAN)unpasteurized(JUL)heat-treatedBanshu Ikkon Junmaiginjo 「Nono-san」

"Nono-san" refers to the Buddhist "Goddess of Mercy" in the dialect of the Tajima region in Hyogo.
It is the dialect of the hometown of our previous brewmaster who supported our brewery for many years.
(It is considered as a corrupted pronunciation of "Kannon-san", which refers to the Goddess of Mercy in Japanese).
The Goddess of Mercy is considered to have no gender but is generally depicted as a female goddess with a smile across her face.
The taste is the total opposite of our signature "Extra Dry Series".
The gentle texture and subtle sweetness express the "Merciful Heart" of the Goddess.
It is characterized by its sweetness and premium fruity scent. Perfect for drinking chilled.

Product Name
Banshu Ikkon Junmaiginjo 「Nono-san」
Type of Rice Used
Yamada Nishiki/Hyogo Yume Nishiki
Polished Rice Ratio