Shiso limitedBanshu Ikkon 「Niwazake」

There is a description of sake brewing in the Harima no Kuni Fudoki ('Record of the Local Customs and Land of Harima Province),
a scroll authored during the Nara period (710-794). Shiso City is said to be the birthplace of sake.
This sets the scene for Niwazake, a current attempt to revive traditional ancient sake using yeast and koji mold (aspergillus) collected
from Niwata Shrine in Ichinomiya, Shiso City.
Niwazake has been produced by several sake breweries in the Harima area, but the nearest to Niwata Shrine is Banshu Ikkon.

It is a sweet yet tart sake with a crisp acidity to its taste.
With sake rice, yeast and water all specially selected at the right time of year, Niwazake could justly be known as miracle sake.

Product Name
Banshu Ikkon 「Niwazake」
Type of Rice Used
Hyogo YumeNishiki
Polished Rice Ratio