MAY~AUGBanshu Ikkon Junmai Natsu-kara

This is the "Banshu-Ikkon Junmai Extra Dry" Summer edition.
Although it is undiluted sake, the alcohol content is kept within 15 percent,
so you can feel refreshed while drinking it on a hot summer's day.
The aroma is reserved and invigorating. The flavor is also refreshing, very light and dry.
Even though it pairs great with meals, one can enjoy it thoroughly on its own.
While it is super dry, the rich umami of the rice can be sensed fully.
This sake can be served chilled from the refrigerator or at room temperature to help you cool down in the summer.

Product Name
Banshu Ikkon Junmai Natsu-kara
Type of Rice Used
Hyogo KitaNishiki
Polished Rice Ratio