SEP~NOVBanshu Ikkon Junmaiginjo Hiyaoroshi

"Hiyaoroshi" that signals the arrival autumn.

A sake with a refined ginjo sake* fragrance similar to that of mild bananas.
It delivers a mild feel in the mouth, yet provides robust flavor that allows one to experience the acidic taste and umami of the drink.
It is recommended to be enjoyed as a chilled sake or at room temperature,
but warming the sake brings out a more prominent rich flavor and body.
Goes well with typical autumn flavors, such as fatty Pacific saury and mushrooms.

A sake to be enjoyed little by little once opened as opposed to drunk all at once.

*ginjo sake is a type of sake brewed by low temperature fermentation with high-quality rice

Product Name
Banshu Ikkon Junmaiginjo Hiyaoroshi
Type of Rice Used
Hyogo KitaNishiki
Polished Rice Ratio