Hyogo LimitedBanshu Ikkon Junmaiginjyo「EPIC」

"Epic" a word used to describe a composition that conveys the legends of heroes and gods to following generations.

We named this sake "Epic" following our determination to stir up the Japanese rice wine scene in Hyougo Prefecture.
It is a limited edition sake that will be sold only at certain designated distributor stores in Hyougo.
It is brewed with the enthusiasm of "making this into a sake that will be talked about by the people drinking it."

Upon uncapping, you feel the delicate prickling sensation of carbonic acid on the tip of your tongue.
A refreshing and invigorating reserved fragrance.
Its juicy and rich taste finds the balance between sourness, sweetness, and a subtle bitterness.
It goes well with dishes that consist of mainly hearty ingredients, such as meals that include oysters, broth, or fatty meat.

Product Name
Banshu Ikkon Junmaiginjyo「EPIC」
Price (Tax included)
Type of Rice Used
koji:Produced in Yokawa, Yamada Nishiki kakemai:Aiyama
Polished Rice Ratio
koji:55% kakemai:60%
Limited to Hyogo prefecture