(MAR)unpasteurized(AUG)heat-treatedBanshu Ikkon Junmaiginjo Aiyama

This Junmai Ginjo sake is made with a brewing rice local to Hyogo Prefecture called "Aiyama."

Aiyama rice is known for its ample starchy core and soluble quality.
These features are taken advantage of as much as possible
by using a delicate fermentation process that applies low heat to the sake mash for an extended period of time.

This sake comes together with a moderately sweet, gentle aroma that's reminiscent of strawberries and cherries.
It offers a mellow, smooth taste with a refreshing aftertaste that's similar to a Muscat wine.
It also tends to have a fleeting, transient sensibility as well. Each and every sip is sure to encourage yet another.

Product Name
Banshu Ikkon Junmaiginjo Aiyama
Type of Rice Used
Produced in Bansyu, Aiyama
Polished Rice Ratio